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Library Catalogue Updates

ALERT: Library Catalogue changes coming

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We have some exciting news! We will be launching both a new library Website and a new library Catalogue at the end of June. Launch date is still to be determined as we work to complete these significant projects. These changes will bring some much-needed improvements.

Do you use Saved (Favourite/Preferred) Searches and/or My Lists?

For those of you who use the following My Account features in the current Encore Catalogue, we wanted to make you aware that some of your saved information will not transfer over to the new Catalogue, because it is an all-new platform.

These features are:

  1. My Lists
  2. Preferred Favourite Searches
  3. Reviews

If you have information stored with any of these features, below are instructions to help you output and save your information. In the case of Lists and Favourite searches, once the new Catalogue launches, you will be able to add this back into the new Catalogue, if you wish. In the case of Reviews, this feature is not included in the new Catalogue.

My Lists

For those lists that you wish to ‘re-create’ in the new library Catalogue after it launches, we suggest that you export each list’s titles to your email or to a file on your computer.

Here's how:

  1. In the current Catalogue log into your Account to find My Lists
  2. Select My Lists
  3. Select a List that you wish to Export
  4. Make a note of the List Name (it will not show up in the Export)
  5. Select Export and Brief or Full Display
  6. Brief display will give you Author, Title and Publication Date
  7. Follow the above steps for each List
  8. Save these files/emails until the new Catalogue is launched. We will provide instructions for creating lists and adding titles as part of our launch in this newsletter and on our website.

Preferred Favourite Searches

For those ‘Saved Searches’ that you wish to ‘re-create’ in the new Catalogue, we suggest that you copy out your list of Preferred Favourite Searches to a file on your computer (either NotePad, Word or Excel would work). You will then be able to re-create these in the new Catalogue once it launches.


The Reviewing and Rating feature is not available in the new Catalogue. For those of you who wish to retrieve a copy of reviews you have published in our current catalogue, here are instructions to help you do so:

  1. In the current Catalogue log into your Account to find My Reviews
  2. Select My Reviews
  3. Select the Print option in the upper right of the reviews display. You can print to a printer or to PDF, if you have that software on your computer.
  4. If you prefer to output them to a text document, you can highlight them all and copy and paste them into the text document where you can edit out any data you don’t wish to retain.

NOTE: A special email was sent out to our top 10 Reviewers in our Catalogue, explaining that our new upcoming Catalogue would not offer the ability to rate or write reviews and giving them the option to receive their reviews in a Word or Excel document.