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Research and Engagement Process

To genuinely reflect the vision, needs and expectations of our community with this Plan, we worked hard to hear from as many voices as possible.

Staff from across our library system researched emerging trends and innovative practices in customer service, technology and public space.

Socio-demographic and community asset mapping of London neighbourhoods and our library service areas provided valuable data.

Interviews with thought-leaders provided valuable insight.

Community Engagement

Street Teams of staff interviewed 480 Londoners in 27 locations, including at skateboard and dog parks, bus stops, markets and festivals.  Questions probed the future role of the Library and its spaces in their life and that of our community.

More than 6,700 Londoners took our online survey over a three-week period.  We heard from those who currently use the library in a variety of ways, those who primarily use our digital services and those who do not use the library. We received hundreds of valuable comments and suggestions that gave us further insight into community priorities now and for the future.

We hosted Stakeholder Labs with representatives of numerous local groups and audiences, such as the local technology sector, accessibility advocates, newcomers, The Friends of the Library and our volunteers.  These conversations about the future asked our participants to be brutally honest about the relevancy of London Public Library to our community’s future.

Young families who visited the Library’s activity area at the Western Fair, were invited to Draw It Up to show us what their ideal library space would include.

At Community Camp, the community came together in one place at one time to have a collaborative discussion to help us shape the priorities which would guide the final stages of the strategic plan development.

And, as always, we received valuable input directly through email, phone calls and in-person discussions at our locations.

Staff Engagement

Our staff, with their roots deep in the community and on the front lines of service, completed extensive research and also participated as Street Team members and Stakeholder Lab facilitators. 

After reviewing the rich findings that came out of the research and community engagement processes, more than 20 roundtable sessions were hosted by our CEO across the system to gather input from all staff.