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Text Message Library Notices

Receive library notices on your mobile device (e.g. cell phone) as brief text messages.

What notices can I receive?

  • Your hold has arrived!
  • Courtesy notice (material coming due in 3  days)
  • Overdue material (to be returned to the library)

Is there any charge for this service?

Standard text messaging fees with your mobile carrier will apply

How do I set this up?

  • Find your “email to text” address for your mobile carrier. See Common Ontario Mobile Email to Text Addresses section below.
  • Log into My Account 
  • Select Edit Account 
  • In the EMAIL ADDR box
    • If blank:
      • type in your mobile device’s “email to text” address (see sample addresses below -- note phone# has NO dashes and NO spaces)
    • If your email address is there and you wish to continue to receive Library Notices by email
      • Add a comma (,) after your email address and add the “email to text” address after the comma with no spaces
    • If blank and you wish to receive the full email notice AND a text message
      • Key your email  address, add a comma at the end and follow it with your “email to text” address with no space after the comma
  •  Select Go to save the changes

What will the text message look like?

The amount of text allowed per text message is a 'per carrier' setting, so different mobile carriers might display less or more text.  Some carriers have customizable settings to display more characters.

What can I do if my “email to text” library notice doesn’t arrive?

  • Go to My Account and check to be sure you’ve entered your address correctly as per the instruction above.  One possible error is entering a space after the comma, if you have entered an email address AND an “email to text” address
  • Make sure your “email to text” address is the correct address and in the correct format.
  • If you’ve checked the address and format of address(es) as mentioned above and still don’t receive notices, you may have to check your cell “text” settings or contact your mobile carrier directly for assistance.

Note: Because there are so many mobile carriers with many different mobile devices, each with their own settings and customizations, etc., it is important for you to work with your carrier to investigate any problems with “email to text” notices 


Common Ontario Mobile Email to Text Addresses (March 2011)











Virgin Mobile

Wind Mobile


For other mobile addresses, check:

Go to My Account