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Library Space is Community Place

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you London Public Library’s 2014 – 2017 Strategic Plan, Library Space is Community Place.  Our hope is that you will hear your voice resonating through the priorities and initiatives identified within. 

When we set out to develop the new Strategic Plan, we were driven by the knowledge that, despite high levels of Library use and regular positive feedback, we must ask challenging questions and listen carefully to our community, our staff and to essential research. We needed to do this so that London Public Library stays relevant to the lives of all Londoners and to make sure the Library continues to be a place that is vibrant, dynamic and moving forward.

A wide-reaching community and staff engagement process extended through the latter half of 2013 and gave us the opportunity to hear directly from over 7,500 Londoners. 

We heard that Londoners LOVE their Library, which is wonderful validation of the range and quality of library services we offer. Importantly, people shared tremendous ideas for how we can become even more relevant and essential to their quality of life.  Input ranged from practical suggestions such as more electrical outlets and comfortable chairs in library branches to ideas for collaborative spaces designed to support networking and creativity to expressions of the things that help individuals and neighbourhoods to be strong, vibrant, caring and connected.

This Strategic Plan sets the compass for the next four years. Our conversations with you about our shared future have only just begun.  Please check our website regularly for news about initiatives and actions related to our Strategic Plan.  We hope that you see value in continuing to share your ideas, suggestions and comments with us.  Library space is YOUR place! 


Susanna Krimmer, CEO, LPL


Gloria Leckie, Chair, LPL Board

Susanna Hubbard Krimmer

CEO and Chief Librarian, London Public Library

Gloria Leckie

 Chair, London Public Library Board