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Questions and Answers on Government

Federal Government

Q: What is Canada's Form of Government?
A: Canada is a parliamentary democracy.

Q: Who is Canada's Head of State?
A: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Q: Who is the Governor General?
A: The Governor General is the representative of the Queen for all Canada. Her name is Julie Payette.

Q: Who is Canada's Head of Government?
A: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Q: What party is currently in power?
A: Liberal Party of Canada

Q: Which party is the Official Opposition?
A:Conservative Party of Canada

Q: Who is the Leader of the Opposition?
A: Erin O'Toole

Q: What are the other opposition parties and their leaders?
A:  National Democratic Party- Jagmeet Singh
     Bloc Québécois -  Yves Francois Blanchet
     Green Party - Annamie Paul

Q: Who is my representative (MP) in Ottawa?
A: Lindsay Matthyssen – London Fanshawe
    Peter Fragiskatos – London North Centre
    Kate Young – London West
    Karen Vecchio - Elgin-Middlesex-London

Provincial Government

Q: Who is Ontario's Head of State?
A: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Q: Who is the Lieutenant Governor?
A: The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of the Queen for Ontario. Her name is Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

Q: Who is Ontario's Head of Government?
A: Premier Doug Ford

Q: Which provincial party is in power?
A: Ontario Progressive Conservative Party

Q: What is the provincial opposition party and its leader?
A:  Ontario NDP Party - Andrea Horwath

Q: Who is my provincial Member of Parliament (MPP)?
A: Teresa Armstrong - London Fanshawe
  Terence Kernaghan – London North Centre
   Peggy Satler – London West
  Jeff Yurek - Elgin-Middlesex-London

Municipal Government

Q: What is the name of the municipality where I live?
A: City of London

Q: Who is the head of the municipal government?
A: The Mayor.  His name is Ed Holder.

Q: Who are our City Councillors?
A: See City of London Councillors and Ward Maps