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Quick Picks

About Quick Picks
Quick Picks are copies of bestselling fiction and nonfiction titles which are available on a first-come-first-served basis at all library locations. You’ll recognize them by the bright yellow “Quick Pick” label. They are prominently displayed in every branch and at the Central Library.

While all our regular materials are “holdable,” these supplementary copies of bestselling books do not appear in the library catalogue, and holds cannot be placed on them. To ensure a rapid turnover rate, Quick Picks go out on loan for just a week, and the overdue charge is $1 per day.

So if you’re waiting in the hold queue for some of your favourite authors, drop into any library location to see what’s right there for you to read in the meantime! And if you finish a book you’re also on hold for, please take a moment to cancel your hold and help the waiting line go a bit faster.