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First Peoples


Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Information related to Status.

Library and Archives Canada - Aboriginal Heritage
Library and Archives Canada holds records of the Department of Indian Affairs (RG 10) dating mainly from the late 1800s. The records are usually arranged by band, agency and district.

Six Nations Council (Ohsweken, Ontario)
The Council's purpose is to assist applicants in obtaining status as a Six Nations member and thus maintains a membership office where applicants can check details (band number, birth and death dates, family relationships and tribe) of individuals who were registered Six Nations members from the late 1880s to the present.

Woodland Cultural Centre (Brantford, Ontario)
The Woodland Cultural Centre Library promotes the culture, heritage and history of the First Nation people, particularly the Eastern Woodland area. Most books in this collection are out-of-print or in fragile format requiring special storage conditions.