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Local BMD Indexes


Brantford Expositior BMD Index
This is a searchable index of birth, marriage and death notices appearing in the Brantford Expositor from 1852 to 1947, 1950-1951, 1956, 1960-2015.  Please note that the index will only provide the date of the newspaper that contains the notice not the date of the event.   

Digitized Newspapers, Huron County
Birth, marriage and death notices are available to be seached online from the following Huron County newspapers - Blyth Standard (1893-1977), Brussels Post (1884-1929), Exeter Advocate (1884-1924), Exeter Times (1873-1924), Huron Signal (Goderich - 1848-1936), Wingham Advance (1902-1921) and Wingham Times (1885-1916).   This is an ongoing project so moire newspaper indexes will be added as they are completed. 

Ingersoll Newspapers Genealogy Index
This indexes includes birth, marriage and death notices from the Ingersoll Chronicle (1854-1919) and the Ingersoll Tribune (1897-1970). 

Norfolk County Newspapers
Indexes births, marriages and deaths, etc. which appeared in Norfolk County newspapers from 1870 to 1917.

Elgin County Newspapers
Indexes Aylmer Express (1890-1989, 2009-), Dutton Advance (1889-1894, 1910-1960), Rodney Mercury (1887-1924) and St. Thomas papers (1901-1961).

Ontario Genealogical Society - London And Middlesex County Branch
If you are looking for obituaries from The London Free Press, the OGS library has created two online indexes, entitled Obituary and Death Notice Index which includes around 380,000 obituaries, death notices and memorial records from 1945 to 1950 and 1967 to 2014; and from 2015 and 2016.  This is an ongoing project and the index includes the first name, second name, maiden name  and surname of the deceased person as well as the age of the person, the year of death and the community in which they died.  A copy of the obituary can be obtained by clicking on Queries.

Woodstock Newspaper Indexes
Indexes births, marriages and deaths from 16 newspapers published in Woodstock from 1840 to the present.