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Online Resources

Using Information Databases, you will find articles published in magazines, newspapers and academic journals that you can’t find using the Internet.
All of our databases are listed on our website but we recommend you try the ones below first.
*If you are using a computer that isn’t in the library, you’ll be asked to type in your library card number.

Canadian Reference Centre

  • Click on Advanced Search.
  • Type in "ecological zones" and "Canada". Choose "TX, all text" from the Select a Field bar
  • Click on search.
  • Use "Narrow Results" bar on the left to explore other subject headings

See all Information Databases.

What are Information Databases?



The Canadian Biodiversity Web Site: Redpath Museum, McGill University
A close-up look at the conditions that created Canada's ecozones with maps and descriptions.

Natural Resources Canada: Ecozones of Canada - Ecological Framework & Forestry
Fifteen ecozones make up terrestrial Canada, and five make up the marine waters bordering Canada. Check out the maps of land cover types across Canada and forest ecosystems. These systems shelter a large variety of plants, animals and microorganisms, which depend on forested habitats.

Natural Resources Canada: Ecozones of Canada - Water and Wetlands
Understanding and monitoring Canada's water is fundamental to the responsible management of this precious resource. Fresh water covers almost 9% of Canada while wetlands cover an additional 14%.  This site provides information and links to satellite mapping of seasonal changes in both freshwater and the state of wetlands on a regional and national scale.  This type of mapping is also being regularly used to map the extent of seasonal flooding in Canada and abroad.