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Bank of Canada
The Bank of Canada publishes a number of periodicals for general and specialist audiences. For example, Weekly Financial Statistics and Banking and Financial Statistics.

City of London Statistics
Statistical profiles of the City of London and its planning districts, based on the Statistics Canada census. Also contains maps of community statistics and information. There is a print version entitled Profile of London's Neighbourhoods at the 2nd Floor Central branch Help Desk.

Consumer Price Index
Measures of changes in prices paid by consumers, such as the Consumer Price Index and the New Housing Price Indexes

Statistics Canada Census Tract Profiles
A feature of the Statistics Canada website, this site pulls up census tract profiles on smaller geographic areas with populations up to 8,000.

Statistics Canada Community Profiles
Vital Statistics Canada local community information is available by typing in the place name.

United Nations  Commodity Trade Statistics Database
This database utilizes the information provided by over 170 reporter countries that provide annual international trade stats data.  It is the largest depository of international trade data with over 1.7 billion data records covering 45 years. (Access is best with IE browser).