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American Revolution

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Library of Congress guide to the American Revolution
The digital collections of the Library of Congress contain a wide variety of material associated with the American Revolution, including manuscripts, broadsides, government documents, books, and maps. This guide compiles links to digital materials related to the American Revolution that are available throughout the Library of Congress Web site.

Liberty! The American Revolution (PBS television program)

LIBERTY! The American Revolution is a dramatic documentary about the birth of the American Republic and the struggle of a loosely connected group of states to become a nation. This award-winning PBS series brings the people, events and ideas of the revolution to life through military reenactments and dramatic recreations.

The Charters of Freedom (U.S. National Archives exhibit)
The American Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights have tried to guarantee the rights and freedoms of Americans for over 200 years. The United States National Archives web site reveals the dramatic events which led to the creation of these historic documents in the 18th century and their impact on the course of world history.

Mount Vernon (Virginia estate of George Washington)
For 150 years, Mount Vernon has existed as the national monument to the United States’ first president. Today, roughly 500 acres of this historic estate have been preserved 16 miles south of Washington, D.C., on the banks of the Potomac River.