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Women's Movement

Encyclopedias or Reference Books

Historica Canada: Women's Movement
What is the Women's Movement? How does it relate to women's role in history in Canada? Read this entry from The Canadian Encyclopedia to find out more!

Historica Canada: The Famous Five


Books & Magazines

Books on Famous Canadian Feminists

Books on Women's Movement & Women's Rights
Includes books on Persons Case, The Famous Five, Right to Vote.

Books on Women's Suffrage in Canada

Since 1979, this magazine has been publishing articles about the women's movement and the ongoing quest for equal rights in Canada.


Audiovisual Material

CBC Radio Archive: Women as Persons
Listen to Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and Nellie McClung from a CBC Radio broadcast in 1938 celebrating the "Persons Case" -- when women earned the right to be equal, to be known as "persons.


Canadian Reference Centre

Canadian Reference Centre includes leading Canadian, U.S. and U.K. periodicals in full text(Business Week, Chatelaine, Macleans,Consumer Reports); full-text reference books;full-text biographies, and 285,912 photos, maps and flags. Remote access available.

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Canadian Reference centre

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Celebrating Women's Achievements: Library and Archives Canada
From women activists to women in government, sports and art, this website provides biographies and historical context on women's role in Canadian life.

The Famous Five: University of Alberta Libraries
This interactive website provides a history and context for the women's suffrage movement led by five women from Alberta, now known as the Famous Five.