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Canadian History

 Canadian Encyclopedia

The Canadian Encyclopedia includes 14,000 articles in each official language on numerous subjects including history, popular culture, events, people, places, politics, arts, First Nations, sports and science. The website also provides access to the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, The Canadian Encyclopedia Junior Edition and Timelines of Canadian history.

Canada in the Making
This site has been designed for students and teachers of Canadian studies, history and law, but will also be useful to researchers and anyone else interested in Canada's past. It includes: Pioneers and Immigrants; Canada's political history; First Nations history. Use the Site Map and Site Index to find lots of great information and illustrations

Historica Canada
Helps Canadians know the fascinating stories that make our country unique. Historica Canada is the largest, independent organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship.  

Exploration: the fur trade and Hudson's Bay Company
This site is about the fur trade in Canada and how it led to the exploration of the country and the formation of the oldest and largest company in Canadian history: Hudson's Bay Company. Check out the Personalities section for biographies of explorers.

Great Canadian Mysteries
Find out about historical cold cases including sections on the Donnellys and the black slave Angelique who was accused of burning down Montreal.

Historical censuses 1665 to 1871
Electronic version of 'Censuses of Canada, 1665 to 1871, Statistics of Canada, Volume IV’ was printed in Ottawa in 1876. This volume contains about 350 statistical tables on the social and economic conditions of Canada from 98 Censuses of the earliest settlements to Confederation in 1867 and on to 1871. The sidebar links to nine sections: eras in Canadian history from early exploration to 1871, the population of Aboriginal peoples, and finally, the Place names of localities by province, arranged according to the year they're first mentioned in the Censuses.

History of Canada (Wikipedia)
Online history of Canada

Library and Archives Canada
This website provides access to the collections and services of the national archives and national library of Canada. Select "Browse Selected Topics" from menu on the left side of the page. And don't miss "More topics ..."

Framing Canada: a photographic memory
Featuring photographs from various public and private collections, Framing Canada: A Photographic Memory presents a searchable database of digitized photographic images from 1843 to the mid-20th century. Produced by Library and Archives Canada.

Images Canada
Images Canada provides central search access to the thousands of images held on the websites of participating Canadian cultural institutions.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Explore the history of Canada's inhabitants and their culture through this online resource which includes persons who died between the years 1000 and 1930. This major research project is produced by the University of Toronto and the Universite Laval. : a Guide to Women in Canadian History
Includes individual and some group biographies of Canadian women in all fields of endeavour, as well as covering topics such as stamps, statues, historic sites, 'This month in Herstory' (significant dates), films and videos, etc.