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Online Privacy

Tighten your privacy settings

Whatever online tools you use, it's good to be mindful of what you make public.  Here are links you can use to make sure people only see what you want them to:


Avoid disclosing your location

Don't put anything online that you don't want everyone to know, including your current and previous locations.  Don't post where you currently are or that you are having events at a location unless you want EVERYONE to know about it. Use geolocator services wisely.


Don't share your password and change it regularly

Whether it's your password for Facebook or Netflix, or your email password, don't share them with others. Check out your applications to follow instructions to change it up.  For added security, consider adding number and letters to your password and include a mix of upper and lower case. Some applications will even allow you to include punctuation.  Try and change it to something new at least every six months, and don't rotate between one or two.


Be aware of your online reputation

Educate yourself about protecting yourself online. Ask yourself, "Would I want my family to know this?"


Protect your privacy as well as that of your friends

Posting photos and status updates can be fun in the moment but can have lasting consequences. Employers make a practice now of checking Facebook, LinkedIn and other social apps as well as doing a Google search of prospective employees. Don't let a post ruin your chances or your friendships. If someone posts a picture of you that's not appropriate, consider untagging yourself from the photo and unfriending the friend. Check out your online identity by googling yourself.


Be discreet

If you wouldn't want your grandmother to know about it, don't share it.  Once you put something out electronically, anyone can hear about it.  Think before you post and before you email.