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Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
Site of the Authority including the municipality of London. Provides information on local areas of environmental significance, rehabilitation projects, and describes the management, history, geology, plants and wildlife of London and region's natural areas. Lists volunteer and employment opportunities.

Nature London
Nature London (formerly The McIlwraith Field Naturalists of London Ontario) was established in 1864, and later renamed in honour of a pioneer Canadian ornithologist Thomas McIlwraith. Nature London's Conservation Committee undertakes a variety of projects to promote environmental awareness, enhance habitat and protect natural areas. The club owns an 11-hectare nature reserve near Delaware. Nature London members participate in the Christmas Bird Count, the annual Butterfly Census and other initiatives which encourage the study of local natural history.



Amphibia Web
AmphibiaWeb is an online database that allows free access to information on amphibian biology and conservation for every recognized species of amphibian in the world. Includes species descriptions, photos, range maps, life history information, conservation status, and literature references.

Animal Diversity Web 
Extensive, searchable database of thousands of creatures. Pictures included, and sound clips of birds.

ARKive is a centralized digital library of films, photographs and associated recordings of endangered species from around the world. A British site.

Bird Studies Canada
Bird Studies Canada our national bird conservation organization, with a mission to advance and encourage the wider understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitat.

An online resource devoted to North American insects, spiders and their kin, offering identification, images, and information. An excellent resource!

Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network 
Devoted to conserving Canada's native species of amphibians and reptiles. A great resource for identifying and learning about Canadian frogs, snakes, salamanders, turtles, newts and lizards.

Canadian Peregrine Foundation
Home page of charitable group dedicated to the conservation and recovery of endangered and threatened raptors in Canada. Includes live peregrine nest webcams, peregrine biology information, and migration research.

Canadian Species at Risk
Environment Canada site giving up-to-date information on species at risk in Canada. Search using map or by species.

Canadian Wildlife Federation
The Canadian Wildlife Federation is dedicated to fostering awareness and enjoyment of our natural world. Programs include education about sustainable use, sponsoring wildlife research and lobbying for legistlative change to protect wild species and spaces.

Digital Morphology 
The Digital Morphology library is a dynamic archive of high-resolution X-ray computed tomographs of biological specimens. Browse through the site and see unique 2D and 3D images, animations and details on the morphology of many different animals. Entries for many species also feature evolutionary, ecological and natural history information.