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Chemistry & Physics

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Chem 1 Virtual Textbook
Created by SImon Fraser University, this online supplemental text book was created to aid first year chemistry students with their studies. The website is filled with explanations and tutorials for all of the topics coverd in the University's course.
Need data on a certain chemical? Though designed as a navigation tool for the chemical industry, this site is a useful place to visit if you need any kind of chemical information. The site brings together a wide range of search tools that can help you track down information about virtually any chemical compound. Users are able to obtain toxicity, structural, medical and manufacturer information all from a single easy-to-use search box.

Cool Cosmos
Learn about the properites of light and how astronomers are using light outside of the visible spectrum to view the universe with Multiwavelength Astronomy. See how astronomical objects would look if your eyes could see beyond the narrow visible wavelength range. Also features very interesting infrared photos and videos of the objects and animals in the world around us.

From the American Museum of Natural History, this online exhibit invites you to view the world through Einstein's eyes. Features biographical information, a discussion of his theories on light, time and energy, as well as his cultural and scientific legacy.

Calavacade o' Chemistry (formerly TheHelpDesk)
Created by a chemistry instructor, this site is filled with explanations, step-by-step guides to solving chemistry problems, and many other chemistry  help resources.

How To Solve It
A great starting point for introductory chemistry. You can find instructions and practice questions for many types of chemistry problems including Chemical Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, and more!

Molecular Universe is a great website that aims to provide accessible information on molecules, molecular systems and materials science. Features images showing the inner structure of plastics, metals, minerals, enzymes, viruses and medicines in straightforward language. Includes an index for those seeking more information on a specific molecular topic.
The website for the Nobel Prize features an enormous amount of information on past and present Nobel Laureates - press releases, biographies, Nobel lectures, interviews, and more. Click on "Physics" or "Chemistry" on the top menu.

Physics Classroom
A tutorial intended for secondary school students, the Physics Classroom is an excellent multimedia resource that teaches and illustrates basic physics concepts.

Periodic Table of the Elements with information on history, uses and other key data.