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Inventions & Inventors

At the Library
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Thomas Edison's Most Famous Inventions
Explore Thomas Edison's Inventions and find out more about the Edison himself.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
This site is a listing of the 20 most important technological achievements of the 1900s, as chosen by the United States National Academy of Engineering. Each of the entries receives a written history and a selected timeline of major contributing achievements the century.I

Inventure Place : National Inventors Hall of Fame
Index of inventions and inventors established by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Made in Canada: Patents of Invention and the story of Canadian Innovation
Library and Archives Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, presents Made in Canada: Patents of Invention and the Story of Canadian Innovation. This website offers a view into the Canadian patent system, its processes and its background.

Project Ornithopter
An ornithopter is an aircraft that derives its thrust and lift from mechanical flapping wings. First envisioned by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1490 this design has been made functional by by a team from the University of Toronto's Institute for Aerospace Studies. The development of this unusual aircraft is covered on this site.

The Quartz Watch
In 1927, Canadian engineer Warren Marrison invented the quartz clock and revolutionized the way time was kept. gives a detailed explanation as to what quartz time-keeping is all about.


Podcasts are simply an audio file. You can visit these sites and click on a link to listen to the recording right on your computer or you can download it to your portable listening device, such as an iPod or a MP3 player. If you really enjoy the recording, you can subscribe to the podcast via their website so that every time they add a new broadcast it is placed on your listening device using your computer. These sites provide more information on how to subscribe.

Ideas: how to think about Science
Produced by CBC radio, this podcasts features interviews with scientists, philosophers, historians and sociologists about "how the institution of science is structured". A fascinating journey into the history of science and current consideration of what science is and the role it plays.