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This guide focuses on the academic study of psychology. If you are looking for information about living with mental heath issues, please visit the Health and Wellness section of this website.
Encyclopedias or Reference Books

World Book Encyclopedia:  The article "Psychology" nicely summarizes the history of psychology and the main psychological theories. Also you may search by name of theory, such as Gestalt psychology, or the name of theorist.

Some major figures in psychology:

Sigmund Freud Ivan Pavlov Marian Woodman
Jean Piaget Carl Jung Abraham Maslow
B.K. Skinner Claude Levi-Strauss Erik Erikson
Karen Horney    

Here are some samples of the range of psychology books at the library. You may also search the catalogue by the name of the individual theorist.

Audiovisual Material
 Psychology-documentaries (DVD)
Magazine, Journal and Newspaper Articles

Using Information Databases, you will find articles published in magazines, newspapers and academic journals that you can’t find using the Internet.

*If you are using a computer that isn’t in the library, you’ll be asked to type in your library card number.

Websites Psychology
Offers a collection of articles on basic psychology topics (development, personality, psychological theories etc.), a psychology blog and an option to sign for a newsletter.

Classics in the History of Psychology
A web site developed by Christopher D.Green, a professor of psychology in the York University, offers a collection of public domain scholarly documents of psychology: over 25 books, 200 articles and over 200 links to the works posted on other sites.

Intute-best of the web
Choose psychology from the browse menu.

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