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100 Cupboards by Nathan D Wilson

Book Cover Image

When Henry York comes to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in a sleepy Kansas town, the last thing he expects to find is adventure. The timid twelve-year-old has just settled into his attic bedroom when a mysterious thump against his bedroom wall creates a suspicious crack in the plaster, revealing two curious knobs hiding beneath. Unable to help himself, Henry chips away at the plaster revealing a small door beneath the knobs. As he continues to work away at the wall, he discovers another small door…and then another…and another…and…soon Henry’s bedroom is full of plaster rubble and his wall is full of mysterious cupboard doors. What could be behind these magical doors? And why would someone plaster over them?

Find out by reading 100 Cupboards by Nathan D Wilson, Book 1 in the 100 Cupboards series.

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