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The Library to the Rescue: Homework Help

Somehow it happened -- it's already mid-April and the backpack is heavy with homework, unfinished lunch & assignments.  Homework Help is on the way -- at your virtual library and inside the library building too! 

Not only is the library a great place to get away and concentrate away from distractions of siblings, TV & fridge, but our website is your gateway to finding out just what you might need to complete your assignment!  Homework Help!

Our Homework Help website for teens offers links to reliable websites, books, journal articles and other materials on topics you study in school -- Geography, History, Math, Science, Family Studies, English, Social Sciences & more.  Along with Research Tips on how to make your study time count, how to write a bibliography and cite your sources, finding information is at your fingertips.

Our Homework Help website for children recommends books and websites aligned with the elementary school curriculum.

Still feeling lost in your homework?  Ask a librarian for help -- that's what we're here for!  You can ask a real live librarian face to face, or use AskOn the chat reference.