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Blue Spruce Review: Don't Laugh at Giraffe

book cover image of Don't laugh at GiraffeDon't Laugh at Giraffe, by Rebecca Bender is about friends Giraffe and Bird who sometimes, like most friends, have trouble getting along. 

After playing one day they are very thirsty, and go to a pond where the water is really low. Giraffe has trouble because he is afraid of stepping into the water and he can't reach the water from the shore because of his very long legs!  His antics make Bird and the other animals laugh.  But Giraffe's feelings are hurt.  Bird knows he has has upset his friend, and comes up with his own antics to make Giraffe and everyone else feel better!  Don't Laugh at Giraffe is the second delightful book featuring Giraffe and Bird.  (Pajama Press Canada 2012)

This is one of 10 books nominated for the Blue Spruce Award. Find them all here!