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Red Maple Non-fiction Review: The Lowdown on Denim

Lowdown on Denim Book Cover ImageLove your jeans? Take a wild ride through the history of denim in Tanya Lloyd Kyi's Lowdown on Denim. You will discover all kinds of fascinating facts about jeans -- from their role in the Gold Rush days, to bell-bottomed love-ins of the 1960s, to acid-washed jeans, hip-huggers, and Indie labels! Did you know the oldest pair of 501 jeans from 1879 still exists? Did you know sailors wore bell-bottoms so they could pull them off easily if they fell overboard? Don't miss out on this book filled with comic-style art and fun facts, and get the lowdown on denim! 

This is one of 10 books nominated for the Red Maple Non-FIction Award.  FInd them all here!