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historypin app brings London's history to life!

We're excited to announce a new way for you to explore London's history on your mobile device or on your desktop.

historypin is a website and mobile app that lets you see historical images that are "pinned" to their geographic location on an interactive map.  When you use the mobile app, you can layer the historical photo right over top of the current location to see past and present merge.  Both desktop and mobile app allow you to take one of the tours that have been created to highlight London's History: The Walking Guide to Historic Sites in London; and the Walking Tour of Dundas St.

Many thanks to the members of the Historic Sites Committee of the London Public Library Board who have worked tirelessly over the years to research and recognize London's History. The Walking Guide to Historic Sites in London is their work and is also available in print at the library and online via our website.

We also appreciate the support that the Friends of London Public Library have provided to our local history digitization project.

How to discover London's history on historypin:

On a Mobile Device

Download the historypin app from your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone7 store (not yet available for Blackberry or Windows/Android tablets)

You can:

Explore the Historypin map

  • Choose Map (iOS) or Location (Android, Windows Phone7)
  • A blue dot marks your current location.
  • You can see photos that are "pinned" nearby.
  • Touch pinned photos to reveal historical information.
  • Zoom in or out to explore the city and beyond.

Out on the Street

  • Choose a pinned photo from your current location
  • Touch the shutter symbol (iOS) or Overlay (Android, Windows Phone7), hold your phone up to the street, and use camera view to display current streetscape.
  • Move your finger or slide up and down to fade between past and present.

Take a Tour (iOS only currently)

  • Choose Channels.
  • Enter "London" in search bar.
  • Choose London Public Library from list.
  • Choose Tours from bottom menu.
  • Choose a Tour.

On a Desktop

Go to

Explore the historypin map

  • Click on "Map" along top menu.
  • Enter "London, ON" into search bar.
  • Click on pinned images to view and read information.
  • Use the fade slide button to make the historical image disappear.

Take a Tour

  • Click on "Channel" along top menu.
  • Enter "London" in search bar.
  • Choose London Public Library from list.
  • Click on the "Tours" tab.
  • Choose a Tour.

View a Collection (A larger group of photographs representing a wider geographical region than suitable for a walking tour)

  • Click on "Channel" along top menu.
  • Enter "London" in search bar.
  • Choose London Public Library from list.
  • Click on the "Collections" tab.
  • Choose a Collection.

On the desktop, you can also create your own account to upload your own images and recollections to the map.  Join us on historypin!

Find more images, the Walking Guide to Historic Sites in London, and great resources: