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Red Maple Review: Running to Extremes

Book Cover Image:  Running to ExtremesIt’s hard to say what sounds crazier, running non-stop for 160 kilometers in the middle of a Yukon winter in sub-zero temperatures or running 243 kilometers across the Sahara Desert in temperatures which can soar to nearly 50 degrees Celsius! Ray Zahab would probably have agreed that both of these challenges sound crazy and yet he also knew that he just had to try them. Having never run in a regular marathon in his life, Ray took a leap and signed himself up to run the Yukon Arctic Ultra. After placing first in this unbelievable race, Ray began to seek out ever-greater challenges and discovered that what he thought were his limits were all in his head.  Read more about Ray's fascinating adventures in Running to extremes : Ray Zahab's amazing ultramarathon journey.

This is one of 10 books nominated for the Red Maple Non-Fiction Award. Find them all here!