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White Pine Review: The Way We Fall

Book Cover Image:  The Way We FallIt all began innocently enough: a persistent itch; a tickle in the back of your throat; a cough; a sneeze - nothing to worry about. Then the fever and delirium set in.

When the Islanders first started getting sick, nobody was overly concerned. Sixteen-year-old Kaelyn felt confident that her father and the other experts at the hospital would take care of things. People got sick all of the time and then they got better. But as more and more previously healthy people went into the hospital and nobody came out with a cure, panic began to set in. First the schools closed their doors, then businesses stopped running, the ferry to the mainland was stopped and the Island was completely cut off from the rest of the world. Quarantined.

Isolated and afraid, Kaelyn struggles to hold on to the hope that there is a way to save those that she loves when doctors and government officials seem to have forsaken them. Megan Crewe’s The Way We Fall is a thought-provoking and suspenseful first novel in The Fallen World trilogy.

This is one of 10 books nominated for the White Pine Award.  Find them all here!

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Book Cover Image:  The Lives We Lost