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White Pine Review: Witchlanders

Book Cover ImageIn Witchlanders by Lena Coakley,  Ryder and his mother have always laughed at those who believe in the prophecies she would read for them but things have changed since his father's death.  His mother, who left the witch coven where she grew up long ago, has been taking her readings more seriously and she warns of troubled times ahead.  Should Ryder take his mother's prophecies seriously too?  He has always felt so certain that her readings are fake and that the witches don't deserve the tithes that they demand from all Witchlanders for their protection from the Baen people.  Gradually Ryder discovers his own magical powers, which are mysteriously connected with those of Baen Prince Falpian, and he begins to question everything he once thought true.

This is one of 10 books nominated for the White Pine Award.  Find them all here!