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Coupons for Hunger

Coupons For Hunger is an innovative program that turns donated coupons into low-to-no cost products that are donated directly to the London Food Bank.  As members of the Child and Youth Network, London Public Library is partnering with Coupons for Hunger and the London Food Bank to make it more convenient for Londoners to support this valuable program.

Bring your coupons to any London Public Library location and Coupons for Hunger will use them to purchase products for the London Food Bank.  Your support of this program will benefit individuals and families most in need in our community.

More information about Coupons For Hunger can be found on their Facebook page, or follow them on twitter.  See how your coupons turn into real products that help out real London families in need.  And the London Free Press newspaper recently had this article about the new Coupons for Hunger partnership with the Child and Youth Network and London Public Library.

Thank you to the Child and Youth Network and the London Foodbank for their support of this program.