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What is YOUR resolution this January?


Maybe you've decided that this January you are going to start eating better... or perhaps you have decided that you want to start exercising.  It's great if you want to become healthier, but have you ever thought that perhaps this January you should make a resolution to just be happy with yourself?  It is completely normal to feel low self-esteem and low self-confidence, especially in the winter and during the holidays.    It is difficult being a teen and feeling pressure from society to fit into "an unrealistic standard of beauty" (Teen Health & Wellness, 2013).

So how do you break away from low self-esteem and build your confidence?

  • Banish negative thoughts and begin to think positively! Your thoughts become your reality
  • Don't hang out with people who are negative or who bring you down.  Hanging out with negative people will cause you to feel negative about yourself and the world around you
  • Take care of yourself physically and emotionally
  • Accept yourself
  • Stop comparing yourself to others!  Appreciate what it is about you that makes you unique
  • Realize that you don't have to be perfect

It is never too late to start working on increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

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Have a happy and healthy holiday!