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White Pine Review: Live to Tell

Liveto Tell cover and link to the catalogue

Imagine waking up in a hospital with no memory of how you got there and finding out you caused an accident that has left a victim critically injured.  This is how the story of Libby Thorne, an average teen, begins.  Libby, the narrator of “Live to Tell”, is recovering from injuries she suffered in a car accident caused by her own drunk driving.  She spends her days recuperating, awaiting legal charges, and navigating the confusing and frustrating blur her life has become. But amidst the confusion and frustration, an unsettling mystery awaits.  When nothing she is told about that night of the accident makes sense, Libby patches together the events of that evening and makes several shocking discoveries, including the identity of the other crash victim. “Live to Tell” is a story of an honest human response to trauma and loss.  The accuracy with which Lisa Harrington portrays the main character’s emotional state and her family’s reaction plunges the reader into an unsettling story where the final truth is both devastating and unexpected