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Stand tall, don't you fall

book cover:  Speaking out : LGBTQ youth stand up

Everyone, especially teens, know that the teen years are turbulent at the best of times.  They can be likened to Dickens "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times".  When filled with new friends, parties, self-discovery and laughter they are "the spring of hope".  However, life after "coming out" for many teens are also fraught with confusion, fear and adversity and days can become "the winter of despair". 

Editor Steve Berman in Speaking out : LGBTQ youth stand up showcases stories of overcoming (the often unexpected) adversity and shows what the future can hold for emerging LGBTQ teens. 

Everyone needs stories of inspiration, guidelines of what to expect down the road and some motivating voices to help them speak out, hold their head up, and stand tall. 

This is the go to book for LGBTQ youth searching for their own personal and relevant self help manuals.