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Call for Applications to Library Board

Do you have an interest in serving your community as a member of the London Public Library Board?  London City Council is currently seeking London citizens who wish to be considered for an appointment to Council's civic bodies, including the London Public Library Board.  Deadline for application is Friday, November 7 at 4:30pm.

Persons appointed to the Library Board must be at least 18 years of age; London residents; Canadian citizens; and not employed by the Library Board or Municipality.  Information about the position is detailed in our London Public Library Board Trustee Position Description.  If you have questions about the London Public Library Board Trustee position or the role of the London Public Library Board, please feel free to contact Susanna Hubbard Krimmer, CEO and Chief Librarian, London Public Library at 519-661-5145 or

Application forms are available on the City of London website, from the City Clerk's Office, 3rd floor, City Hall or by telephoning the City Clerk's Office at 519-661-2500 ext. 4599.  The full list of Civic Boards, Commissions and Special Committees seeking applicants for City Council appointments is also available on the City of London website.

In December 2014, City Council's Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee will address the matter of citizen appointments, with terms beginning in December 2014 and ending no later than November 30, 2018.

City Council encourages applications for appointments to Civic bodies from persons from all of the communities of diverse cultural interests and backgrounds that constitute the whole of London with the aim of obtaining the broadest possible representation of multicultural interests and perspectives on such bodies.