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Kiss that baby!

I don't think there's a parent out there that doesn't love kissing their beautiful baby.  Check out these great books for babies that focus on kissing.  Help your baby learn about and identify their different body parts as you smooch along with these adorable kissing stories.

Book Cover image of Kisses Kisses Baby-O!

Kisses, Kisses Baby-O!

book cover image of A kiss means I love you

A Kiss Means I Love You

book cover image of Kiss, tickle, cuddle, hug

Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug

book cover image of All kinds of kisses

All Kinds of Kisses

book cover image of Counting Kisses

Counting Kisses

book cover image of A kiss like this

A Kiss Like This

book cover image of Mommy's best kisses

Mommy's Best Kisses

book cover image of I kissed the baby

I Kissed the Baby