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Final GCR 2015 book reviews!

cover of books

Meghan writes: Charlotte finds a tarot card and bad things start happening to her. She has to get rid of it but doesn't want to curse anyone. ~ Creepover Read It and Weep by P. J. Night

Katie writes: Grace is supposed to find the votex to restore all her powers, but the magic that protected the town already is becoming undone. ~  Graceful by Wendy Mass

Ghaid writes: One of the best reads of 2015. The plot twists, true facts and heartbreaking truths make of it a great legend worth sharing. ~ Unspeakable by Caroline Pignat

Paige writes: Nikki and her BFFs are entering a skating contest! But theres 1 problem. Nikki can't skate! ~ Dork Diaries: Tales from a not so graceful ice princess by Rachel Renee Russel

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