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Nature in the City 2016

nature in the city

Nature in the City introduces a free six-part series of illustrated talks about nature in and around the City of London

Six Tuesday evenings from January 12 to February 16 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

In the Central Library’s Wolf Performance Hall at 251 Dundas St.

Free! Plus up to two hours free validated parking at Citi Plaza during Library hours. Families (with children 10 and up) are welcome!

The goal of the Nature in the City series is to contribute to the preservation and enjoyment of nature.  Let’s do this together by sharing information and stimulating an interest in the natural world around us.

Co-sponsored by Nature London and London Public Library

January 12

Will songbirds fall silent?

Like canaries in a coal mine, our at-risk forest songbirds have important information to convey.  Find out exactly who these remarkable birds are, what threats they face, and what we might do to help. Jody Allair, biologist and science educator at Bird Studies Canada, is our speaker.

January 19

Can plants tell stories?

Can they really communicate with each other, or with us? And just how helpful are they to humans and other animals? We know some basics about our green friends, but botanist Jennifer McDonald shares some secret stories of London’s truly exceptional plants.

January 26
Birds of a feather respond to the weather  

Amazingly, wild birds can actually tell what weather is approaching and then adapt their behaviour accordingly.  Learn more about birds’ incredible superpowers, as Western University’s Scott MacDougall-Shackleton describes just how birds predict and respond to weather.

February 2
Get  starry-eyed on a winter’s night

Gaze upward on a clear night and you will likely be looking into a street lamp.  Beyond that glare, however, is a treasure trove of stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae.  Ryan Fraser, astrophotographer and member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada discusses the wonders of the heavens, light pollution, and how we can save our view of the night sky for the next generation.

February 9
The slandered serpent! 

There are countless scary snake myths, both ancient and modern.  But, instead of being maligned and feared, our snakes should be protected and celebrated.  Scott Gillingwater of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority presents the life stories of local species of this fascinating group of reptiles.

February 16
Warbler Woods: Much more than warblers  

Scale the hills of Warbler Woods Environmentally Significant Area without even sweating.  This area’s special features have been enjoyed by Londoners for more than a century.  Nature London’s Winifred Wake leads us on a virtual hike, shedding light on the flora and fauna that keep those warblers company.