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Like it or not, winter is here!

Like it or not, winter is here! Winter might be long and cold, but there are lots of things you can do by yourself or with your family to make it enjoyable. And the Library can help you get started. Here are a few great books that embrace the season with fun facts, easy to make crafts and loads of activities. So explore, create and have fun!


The Kids Winter Cottage Book by Jane Drake and Ann Love

This book has everything you need to enjoy winter from science to games and recipes. You can embrace winter from inside with crafts and food or go all out and try snowshoeing, animal tracking, making your own snow goggles or going on a winter picnic. This book is loaded with trivia and simple instructions accompanied by pencil drawings that give it the feel of a family scrapbook packed with fun. Hopscotch in the snow anyone?



Winter Day Play by Nancy F. Castaldo and Snowy Science by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone

These two books invite you to get out there and have fun while learning about the season. What makes ice, how can I keep a snowflake and what happens when maple syrup is poured on snow?



10-minute seasonal crafts for winter by Annalees Lim

If you prefer admiring all the snowy weather from inside your home, this book gives you step by step instructions for quick and easy winter crafts.


Snow Play by Birgitta Ralston

This book is perfect for the novice or serious winter enthusiast. Photographs accompany clear instructions for projects like creating snow sculptures, beautiful winter campfires, snow forts and ice decorations to hang from backyard trees. You can be the first on your street to make a loch ness monster snow sculpture-you just need to visit your Library to find out how!