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Your GCR 2016 reviews: week 1 & 2

We asked:  Would you recommend this book? Why or why not?

Thank you Maggie, Calvin, Nate, and Aidan for your amazing reviews!

Dangerous Lies/Becca FitzpatrickDangerous Lies/Becca Fitzpatrick

Yes, I would recommend this book. Becca Fitzpatrick is my favourite author, and this is just another amazing book of hers. Again there is a female lead, so I would recommend for girls, who is fighting for herself and her life. It is a very dramatic book, but has lots of funny moments too. The main character, Estella, is in witness protection after she witnesses a murder. She is forced to move far away, and take on a new identity. I would recommend for anyone who likes drama, action and comedy.

~ by Maggie



Daughter of the Red Dawn/Alicia Michaels Daughter of the Red Dawn/ Alicia Michaels

I've read the few chapters so far. Basically, in the prologue, the queen of a piece of a magical kingdom explains to us that her kingdom used to be in harmony with the humans, but over time got violent so they had to build a wall and spot their memories of the kingdom's existence. Then one leader of a piece of the kingdom starts learning dark magic and gets greedy, wanting both two worlds for herself. She steals 7 princesses from the foot corners the kingdom, passing them in the human world, in fear they will interfere with her plans of taking over. None remember their lives in the magical kingdom, since they were taken very young.

The other leaders time of this, and send the brothers Grim to seek them out.

We go over to Selena's point of view. She is one of the princesses who possess great power, but she does not yet know. The evil queen, Eranna, sends a werewolf named Titus to kill her, forcing him to do so by taking his family hostage, but he has 'feelings' for her and doesn't get into the brothers Grim arrive and save the day. Selena discovered she was found abandoned by her 'grandmother.' The brothers Grim take her and her friend, Zöe, on their flying machine and take them on those way to the magical kingdom. That's where I left off.

If my friends liked this cheesy romance stuff, than sure! Or if they like awesome fantasy stories, this is a nail biter. If they're the comic book type, I'd tell them the book never existed.

~ by Calvin

Plague/Michael  GrantPlague/Michael Grant

Yes, I would. This book was probably my favourite of the four Michael grant books that I have read. It is my favourite because it is really intense- everyone in Perdido Beach gets a deadly illness (the plague) which causes them to cough up their internal organs. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good, scary book. P.S. I have been reading a lot while I wait for my sister at swimming lessons so that is why I have finished so many books this past two weeks.

~ by Nate




The Heroes of OlympusThe Heroes of Olympus - The Son of Neptune/ Rick Riordan

Yes I would because it's an action-filled book.  I would specifically recommend it to people that love action and adventure genres and people that are interested in Greek and Roman Gods.  But to be able to understand this series of books you'll have to read the Percy Jackson series first.

~ by Aidan