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Your GCR 2016 reviews: week 6

We asked:  Would you recommend this book? Why or why not?

Thank you  Allison and Nazareth for your amazing reviews!

Big Dark / Rodman Philbrick

I would recommend this book. It is about a boy named Charlie Cobb, who lives in the very small town of Harmony, New Hampshire. It starts with the residents of Harmony outside, watching the Northern Lights, when suddenly there is a big FLASH and all of the planets electricity goes out! Batteries do not work, and even the stars won't shine. Everything is dark. Charlie and his family invite people back to their house, with everyone thinking it will only be like that for a little while. But it is not. One resident, Bragg, is trying to take all the supplies for himself, sometimes offering gold coins, which the town doesn't accept. And even worse, Charlie's mother is running out of her pills that she needs, Charlie decides to use his friends' skis, and ski all the way to Concord, another city where he can get more pills. Will he make it?

~ by Allison


Elijak of BuxtonElijah of Buxton / Christopher Paul Curtis

I would recommend this book because it is a really interesting book that makes you feel like you're in the story! I don't read much historical fiction but reading this book has really caused to broaden my selection in terms of what books i read. The book is about an eleven year old boy named Elijah who lives in Buxton, Canada and was the first born child to be born out of slavery.

~ Nazareth