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Central Library is new home of CBC London!

Exciting news for London!  CBC London is moving into your Central Library.

London Public Library has entered into an agreement with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who will use space in the Central Library as the location for CBC London's new digital station, coming this spring (2017). CBC London's studio and office will be located in the main floor space formerly occupied by the coffee shop, looking out to Dundas Street and adjacent to the space that will become our new Magazine and Newspaper Lounge. This will be the new office for all CBC News and programming staff in London. CBC will be a London Public Library tenant, renting space according to our leasing policy.

CBC considered many downtown locations before deciding that Central Library provided them with the public destination that they desired and well as meeting other criteria required for their operations. This location will allow the public to look in on their operations and to take part at scheduled times.

CBC is thrilled with all the possibilities for local programming from their new location and so are we. We see a great alignment in many aspects of our work, from connecting our community to information to celebrating our stories and our culture. We couldn't imagine a tenant who would bring greater benefits to our community when working together with London Public Library

In the meantime, we will be working with CBC London on several live-to-air broadcasts from Central spaces.  We are proud to announce that Sounds of the Season will take place from 4-6pm on December 9 on the main floor of Central Library.  This show will include musical performances and will be a live broadcast.  Stay tuned for details about this and other upcoming CBC London programs in the new year!