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Fine-Free Cards for Children & Reduced Fines for Teens

Beginning September 1st, we will be providing fine-free library cards to children, 12 years and under, and clearing fines on existing cards for children so families will have a fresh start. As well, library cards for teens, 13 to 18 years, will have overdue fines reduced, and staff will work with teens to help clear existing fines on their cards.

For many families, the worry over accumulating late fees for overdue items can be a barrier to borrowing essential resources, using Library technology, or even visiting a Library. We want every child to have a library card and to be able to access the books, music, information and technology needed for discovering and learning.

Fine-free cards for children 12 years and under and reduced fines for teens are your Library’s latest commitment to working to reduce poverty by removing barriers for children and families. In its 2016 report, London for All, a Roadmap to End Poverty, the Mayor’s Poverty Task Force, identifies poverty as a significant community issue. This initiative is part of our commitment to removing barriers to access for everyone in our community, a key strategic priority identified in the User First philosophy of London Public Library’s current Strategic Plan, Library Space is Community Place.

The Details:

  • Library cards for children, 12 years and under, will not have overdue fines, and existing fines will be cleared.
  • Children’s materials borrowed using an adult card will still be subject to fines.
  • Library Cards for Teens, 13 to 18 years, will have overdue fines reduced to the rate charged for Seniors.
  • Teens can work with staff to reduce existing fines.
  • Read Away Your Fines campaigns for Teens will continue.

We encourage families to come in to any library location to obtain fine-free cards for their children and to have our staff clear existing fines on children’s cards. We also want to work with teens to help them clear existing fines on their cards.