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Say Yes to the Dress!

mannequin wearing book cover dress

New Fall fashion has hit your library! Forget boots and warm socks, gorgeous gowns on book covers is the ultimate fashion accessory. Our latest book display proves that you can never be overdressed or overeducated, and looks to be a staying trend

We noticed that many of the books in our teen collection have a similar theme - dresses on the cover. The stories are completely different, ranging from science fiction to romances. Yet the same, glamorous, over-the-top dress graces their covers. Books are still the ultimate fashion accessory, making the reader smart and sophisticated. The themes of these books are so varied that there is bound to be a title (and cover!) to please even the most refined in taste.

Our mannequin is wearing a timeless garment in a classic cut. Her bodice boasts a strapless, plunging v-neck made of book pages, with folds adding interest and body to this modern take. The skirt of the gown is laid over a hoop to give a lift in a traditional style. Multiple layers of book covers, featuring gorgeous gowns, were used in the making of this luxurious gown. She also displays paper book-page flowers at the hip for a touch of sweetness. Not to be forgotten, the back of the gown also has a touch of class in the fanning on the lower back. The final pièce de résistance graces her neck, with an elegant spray of paper flowers.

She embodies all that we desire in our literature; well-conceived, impeccably crafted, timeless, fresh and chic. Which book from our collection will grace your bookshelf this October?

Titles are searchable in our catalogue by using the tag "say yes to the dress".

sayyestodress.JPG192.55 KB