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Carve the Mark


book cover image: carve the mark

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

The author of Divergent has come out with a new series, Carve the Mark being the first. It is happily different from Divergent, though just as riveting! It is a mix of fantasy and science fiction, set in a galaxy different from our own. The planets are powered by the current, and each person has a gift, and some a fate. While there are many versions of the future, there is no escaping your fate.

Akos has a happy family life, and is one of the fated. His mother is the oracle who sees the futures and the fates of everyone. His people populate the cold northern part of the planet Thuvhe.  The Shotet, the people on the southern part of Thuvhe, attack and kidnap Akos and his brother, who is fated to be an oracle like their mother. Akos vows to escape and bring his brother home.

Cyra‘s family rule the Shotet. Her gift causes constant pain, to both herself and whomever she touches. It isolates her from other people, and turns her into a deadly weapon her brother is happy to use to keep the family in power. Cyra and Akos come together because Akos’ gift interrupts the current, and his touch brings Cyra relief from constant pain. They come to depend on each other for survival, but will familial ties cause them to destroy each other, or will they join forces to bring about peace between their nations?

This book starts out slow, but speeds up suddenly and is filled with adventure, fight scenes, friendship, and love.

Reviewed by Vanessa