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The Diobolic


Book cover of The Diobolic

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

“A diabolic is ruthless. A diabolic is powerful. A diabolic has a single task: kill in order to protect the person you’ve been created for”

This futuristic story is about Nemesis, a diabolic created to protect one person, Sidonia. Genetically engineered and bonded to a galactic senator’s daughter, Nemesis will protect and kill anyone who threatens her owner, even family members. After a spate of diabolics killing some powerful people, the emperor decrees that all diabolics must be killed. But Sidonia has come to love Nemesis, and hides her identity.

Sidonia’s family angers the emperor, and he demands that all families in his disfavour send their heirs to his court. The family knows something is wrong, and decide the best way Nemesis can protect Sidonia is to become her. Nemesis must now be something she is not: human.

Fighting against what and who she is, Nemesis must not only be Sidonia, but also manage the minefield that is court politics.

Although set in space, this book will appeal to even those who don’t enjoy science fiction. Nemesis is a strong female lead, and the cast of cut-throat politicians and their children is well represented. Plots abound, twists turn, and death awaits. But can Nemesis protect Sidonia from afar, or will she be unveiled and destroy them all?

Reviewed by Vanessa