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The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give book cover

The Hate U Give

By Angie Thomas

This book is the real deal. Not only is it the best YA book I have read this year, it is the best book I have read this year period. It got me from the very first page, and never let me go. If you read any book this year, let it be this one.

Starr Carter is from a poor neighbourhood but goes to a posh school outside her district. She is two different people depending where she is. This uneasy balance between school and home is shattered when Starr becomes the only witness in the killing of her unarmed friend by a white cop in her neighbourhood.

Khalil’s death becomes a national headline, and Starr has a choice; she can let Khalil become a hashtag with no justice, or she can step up and speak out. Both options come with implications. Khalil would be branded a drug dealer and gangbanger, or her family will be put in danger, and her community a hotbed for protesters and looters.

Beyond the terrifying experiences Starr has with violence against and by the people in her neighbourhood, she is a sixteen year old with homework, difficult friendships, a love life and a family to deal with. Starr navigates her life with maturity, insight, humour, and bravery in the face of danger.  Tough topics of race, profiling, and inter racial relationships are presented with a real social message.

This book had lots of funny moments in it to offset the sad and difficult parts. But it has some hard truths we all need to hear. If you like a real, emotional and down to earth voice without whining and angst, this is a book for you!  Read it, and then give it to your friends and parents. Everyone should read this powerful book.

Reviewed by Vanessa