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Vampire Academy #1


Reviewed by Minhal Farrukh, Teen Advisory Council 



Vampire Academy CoverRichelle Mead’s Vampire Academy follows Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess who carries a rare gift of harnessing the earth’s magic and the protagonist Rose Hathaway, a dhampir and a guardian whose blood contains a blend of vampire and human into a world involving vampires. Thea best friends are on the run from the most dangerous and strong vampires, Strigoi, but were caught and taken back to the St. Vampire Academy, a school for royal vampires and their future guardians. Returning to the school brings new challenges such as Rose being separated into dhampir classes while Lissa into Moroi classes. Rose also has to catch up on combat techniques she missed learning with Dimitri who is a graduated and skilled dhampir. While Rose is off training, Lissa is dealing with the world of Moroi politics and controlling her earth magic gift. The two best friends are usually separated from each other but share a psychic bond that is unheard of.


I really enjoyed this novel because it was fast-paced, entertaining, thrilling and had many great characters. I loved Rose because she is not the typical YA heroine. She is strong, loyal, sassy and a fighter. She was interesting and did not have any dull moment. Lissa has a soft and kind personality but when pushed, she can be compelling and powerful. These two had a great friendship and were willing to so anything for each other. Other characters that I liked were Christian and Dimitri. They both had a unique personality and were a great part of the book. Overall, I loved this book and will continue this series. I recommend Vampire Academy to anyone who is looking for a fun, thrilling and an entertaining read.