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The Bird and the Blade

The Bird and the Blade

bloody feathers and text saying the bird and the bladeBy Megan Bannen

Reviewed by Vanessa

An apple. A choice. A song. A kiss.

You will all be familiar with fairy tale retellings, but have you heard of an opera retelling? This is a retelling of the opera Turandot. Never heard of it? No worries! Not knowing the plot and ending ahead of time may just make this story even more exciting than it already is.

Jinghua is a slave in a khan’s household. But a fierce battle has the khan and his son on the run, with Jinghua at their side. Her plan is to escape and return to her people, but she falls in love with Prince Khalaf. The Prince is on a quest to save his father, the Khan. The only way is to enter into a riddle contest with the Great Khan’s daughter, the prize her hand in marriage and control over the empire. The catch? If he loses he dies.

This story is emotionally charged, smart and fast paced, with an ending that will have you reaching for your hanky!