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I'll Give you the Sun

Book CoverI'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Review by Nicolai Hughes, Teen Advisory Council

This book is an intriguing read from start to finish. Nelson has a
unique and real way of storytelling that keeps you hooked throughout. The plot of the novel
revolves around the complications of growing up, especially the need for adaptability in
relationships. The story revolves around the familial relationship between the two
sibling-protagonists, and the way their priorities shift away from each other as they get older.
The characters demonstrate the awkwardness of puberty in a way that gives the reader
nearly painful second-hand embarrassment on their behalf. The writing style is easy to read
casually, so it's a good leisure book if you don't want to sit down and focus hard on what
you're reading. Admittedly, the ending of the novel feels a little bit rushed, and due to the
switching point of view I was left feeling as though the final remarks from one of the
protagonists were missing. Despite this, though, I found it to be overall a nice, easy read,
and worth the time of reading if you're a fan of coming of age stories.