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Exams? Math DVD Help

Did you know that the library has DVDs to help you with Math and Science topics? 

Need help with Basic Math?  This DVD covers topics in thirty 30-minute session from long division, to fractions, decimals, ratios & percents, square roots, probability & measurement, and how to use a calculator.

Need Algebra help? Two videos come to the rescue.  Algebra I covers the Evolution of numbers, exploring functions with a graphing calculator, linear functions and geometry, polynomial explorations and mor.    Algebra II covers polynomials, factoring, linear equations, quadratic functions and formulas, rational and exponential functions and more.

 Is Geometry what's getting you down?  Thirty 30-minute sessions on this Geometry DVD tackle fundamental geometric concepts, angles & angle measures, ration, proportion and similarity, even applications of trigonometry in geometry!

We also have lots of books and websites to help you in your quest to succeed at Math.  Drop by and ask your local librarian for help finding the right math resources for you.