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Finding Out More: A New Novel & the "Resource" Link

"Now I have to start lying".
cover image of Split by Swati Avasthi
This is the first line of a new Teen Annex novel Split by Swati Avasthi.  The copy here is already borrowed, but I could read the first chapter through the link that says 'Resource" at the bottom of the book's entry in the catalogue.

The "Resource" link leads not only to a link to read that first chapter, but it links to book reviews (one reviewer noted that there is adult language in this book, and it is suitable for Gr. 11+, another said 14+, another said it's a great book about "learning to take responsibility for one's own anger" (Kirkus Review). 

The other cool link was to a "Title Profile" that reminded me of a Pokemon card!
Name: Jace
Gender: male
Age: 16
Attributes: runs away from an abusive father, travels to his brother's apartment
Topics: Emotions, Fathers and sons, Violence, Grief, Siblings
Setting: Albuquerque, New Mexico

So, next time you want to learn more about a book, try clicking on that blue word "Resource" or on the book cover where it says "More Info" -- a great way to "look" at a book when it's not even in your hands!