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Forest of Reading® at Your Library

If you are in high school and like to read, you should know about Forest of Reading®.  The Red Maple™ and White Pine™ Awards are awarded annually by the Ontario Library Association to the best tween and teen books of the year and guess what...YOU decide the winners!

To check out the nominated titles, click the buttons below:

Red Maple LogoWhite Pine Logo

Each of these programs has a featured blog page where you can find out more about each title and share your thoughts and ideas about the books that you've read.

Click one of the links below to access our Forest of Reading® Blogs:

Red Maple™ Fiction Award Blog – Grades 7-8 Reading Level

Red Maple™ Nonfiction Award Blog – Grades 7-8 Reading Level

White Pine™ Award Blog - Grades 9-12 Reading Level

Read at least 5 of the nominated titles and you can vote online for your favourite. Participants will be able to cast their votes on our website between April 18 and 28. Voting results from the Library will be sent to the Ontario Library Association for the official voting.