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Get Started using Computers, the Internet, Email and Social Media

Do you know someone who could use a little help getting started using a computer?  Our beginner-level Computer Classes are very popular because they start at the beginning, are free and are offered in a variety of locations and at a variety of times.  Registration has begun for our fall classes and space is still available. Please feel free to call us at 519-661-4600 to find out more or talk to staff at your library location.

Registration is required for each class. You may register for each class up to 2 weeks in advance.  You may take any class more than once (many people do so). We offer these classes on an ongoing basis and at a variety of locations.  All classes are free.

All classes are 2 hours in length with a 10 minute break. Classes are taught on the Library's Windows-based computers. You are not able to use your own laptop or device for these classes and these are not permitted in class.

Photo of woman using a computer at a computer class

Click on the Class title below to register online or call us at 519-661-4600:

How to Use a Mouse: This course helps participants learn how to use a mouse, with plenty of time to practice.  A must for absolute beginners.

Learning to Use the Keyboard: This course is for those new to using a keyboard or for those wanting to practice their keyboard skills.  This Keyboard class and our Mouse class help you to make the most of our Internet, Email and Social Media classes.

Computers: Learn the basic functions of the computer, review using a mouse and find out about computers at your library.

Internet I:  Learn about the Internet and how to find and use websites.

Internet II: This course will introduce search engines and demonstrate more advanced techniques for searching the Internet.

Email: Learn how to create, send and receive messages. Gmail is the email program that is demonstrated.

Social Media: Learn to make Facebook and Twitter accounts, set your privacy settings and connect with family and friends.